Wednesday, 15 June 2016

In Memoriam, and Informations, June 2016

It is with great sadness but even more love, to share that Jodi Bassett, Hfme creator, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis advocate, writer, artist, daughter, sister, aunt, loved one, friend,,,, died on June 11th 2016 at home surrounded by her loved ones.

Here is her obituary, with now open guest book.

Please respect her privacy and wishes, and those of her loved ones.

A funeral service is being held Friday June 17 2016.

Jodi gave so much to the world in pm many ways.

Please keep supporting . Please keep sharing the factual information gathered there with full referencing.
Please share the Hfme info cards.
And equally, to honour true Myalgic Encephalomyelitis advocacy which Hfme was, please do not<~ support anti Myalgic Encephalomyelitis advocacy groups, such as the m.e action network, coal mine, etc etc, as well as the ones jodi was rightly very clear indeed about when she was able to be active in advocacy.

This is the charity for donations in jodi's honour

How you can send flowers

Also you can donate to the nightingale foundation (the only Myalgic Encephalomyelitis charity jodi donated to)

Jodi's books

What is M.E.? (booklet) by Jodi Bassett of with a Foreword by Dr Byron Hyde

Caring For The M.E. Patient by Jodi Bassett of with a Foreword by Dr Byron Hyde

(Also her health healing and Hummingbirds website

Also art book Super Cute, Vicious, Dreamy Cats by Jodi Basset )

I know I said I'd not post anything on the blog until I could make the necessary changes, but I dm hope you can understand this being a justifiable sole exception.

Sorry I can't type or do more, know y'all understand inabilities amd symptomology. Amd as always, very sorry for the typos.

Please know I'm with you all. As always my contact details are on this site. My sincerest condolences, love and prayers tm every one of you. You matter very much.

Thank you Jodi, thank you.

Alison Louise Bell, Tink.
God bless xx


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

News, Co-author. October 2015 (about us amd thir blog)

News, Co-author. October 2015 Hi y'all! Please know, although for quite some time now I've been unable to post here regularly, you've all been in my thoughts, prayers and heart. I have some news for you. Jodi and I are no longer able to do this advocacy work together. I hope you'll all join me in sending her best wishes and continue to support her and share the amazing hfme. Myself, jodi and our dear friend and fellow m.e sufferer Ingeborg wrote a blog in late 2012 that I will shortly be posting once her family have sent their contributions in memoriam of Ingeborg and to honour the selflessness of her contribution in order to help others with this horrendous illness. There is also one other finished blog and I think from memory 3 in work blogs myself and jodi wrote several years ago that I'll need to figure out what to do with. I'll let Y'all know. I'm far far too ill to change any of the blog, it's format or anything of that kind. There is a blogger app which is how I am posting this and posts for several years now, amd that's all you can do, post. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it brings having misinformation on a site like this, and ill change anything, and in turn everything, I can as soon as I can but as y'all are well aware of how this illness is, that could even take years. Again, I apologise. Hope you can all be as understanding as you always have been, you wonderful people you! I have a beautiful amazing few Co-author whom Altho I can't wait for y'all to meet, love, learn from and advocate with, let's keep this particular post about jodi. I'll happily pass on any messages to her, so please feel free to use the easy comment stream below, or as always email me on my advocacy email Or text or voicemail 07971 151 438 Internationally +44 7971 151 438 It's been so valuable working with jodi over the years, and I'm ever grateful for that. And we have both been incredibly grateful for your support our dear readers! The world of m.e sufferers, and m.e. advocacy needs y'all! Much love Alison, of the formerly known as The Tinkerbelle and Hummingbird M.E Blog. God bless x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Here. 5.15

This hideous disease takes so much. If it takes your hope, I'll hope for you. If you feel it takes your smile, let me tell you, i see the smile of your heart. If it takes your family or friends, i am here. If it takes your freedom, ill fly you in my dreams. I will tell your stories, our stories. I can't make anything easier, i can't stop disease or suffering or endless hurt or fears for your short future. But i can sit with you in it all, not only i can,, , i do and i will. Im too ill now. Too ill to be here regularly or properly, i shouldn't be here to post this but hey. But none of that stops me loving you, holding your failing bodies in my heart, seeing you superior souls everywhere in life, and being deeply grateful for you all. This is so hard. And you are all so wonderful. Alison/tink God bless X x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Quick poll. (life with M.E., poll, M.E vs M.S.)

Hi y'all. Quick poll. It's a 4 parter. Please if you're able, answer I Do, or I Didn't or such. No need to go to more effort than you can manage. If you would rather not comment on the quick and easy to use comment stream below, please feel free to email me (Alison/tink) Or text or voicemail me on 07971151438 Internationally +447971151438 Many many thanks for your participation. Best Wishes, Much Love and Blessings Alison/Tink On behalf of The Tinkerbelle and Hummingbird M.E. Blog x x 1. Who knows stress, even minor stress, can cause a relapse in M.S.? 2. Who knows stress, even minor stress, can cause a relapse in M.E.? 3. Who knows the stress it takes to cause a relapse in M.E. is far less than the level of stress it can take to cause a relapse in M.S.? 4. Who knows that Any form of relapse in M.E. can leave your baseline permanently lower?